These free floating forearms feature a smooth design for a more comfortable grip and incorporate a full-length top rail. These forearms also feature solid machined 2.5″ long rails at the muzzle end to allow the mounting of lights, lasers, and other accessories. The carbine design mounts around the standard front sight tower or YHM Flip Front Sight Towers. They use our anti-rotation screws to ensure the forearm stays solid, even under severe use. Designed to accept the same rails for our Customizable forearm system. Accepts both 3 and 4 inch rails.

Note: The 9.200″ Smooth Series Forearm (CARBINE CUTOUT) has a cutout in the top rail to fit a YHM Front Sight Gas Block Tower (YHM-9394s & YHM-9395s, or your standard A-Frame Sight). This cut out in the top rail starts after 7.23″ commonly known as “Carbine Length.” The forearm extends past this 7.23″ length on the 3, 6, and 9 O’clock rails out to 9.2″ commonly known as “Midlength.”