This is an OC Armory Judge AOW Pistol 3″ Stainless Steel. A standard Taurus Judge is illegal in the state of California because the Penal Code considers any pistol capable of firing a fixed shotgun shell a Short Barreled Shotgun (SBS).

However, OC Armory is a licensed manufacturer and can apply with the ATF to create AOWs. Once a Taurus Judge is an approved AOW, the forward vertical grip can be added. Pistols with a forward vertical grip are AOWs.

Properly licensed firearms that are Any Other Weapons are exempt from Penal Code 12020(a)(1). If you are qualified and apply for an AOW Tax Stamp and are approved, it is legal for you to own a Judge in California. Only with an AOW Tax Stamp is this legal.

It currently takes about 4 months for the BATFE to approve AOW Tax Stamps, but if you legally want a Taurus Judge in California, it is worth it. As long as the Judge is a 3″, we can custom order it for you and get the process going. Just contact us for more information.