In order to purchase AOWs in California, you simply need to have us file an BATFE Form 4 and pay your $5 tax stamp.

Where most people will have problems is with the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) sign off in part 17. However, you can bypass the CLEO sign off if you have a NFA trust set up. If your NFA Trust is not set up properly, the BATFE will reject your Form 4. Additionally, improperly created NFA Trusts can also lead to severe legal liability for both regular possession of NFA items and also in the case of bequeath. We recommend to our customers that they carefully evaluate whether saving a couple hundred dollars or less on an improperly created NFA Trust is worth spending time in Federal prison.

Wes recently set up a NFA trust through Attorney David Salvin and it only took five days. We recommend him for all of your NFA Trust needs. David Salvin NFA Trust FAQ

You can also get started immediately with David Salvin by sending him your information from his secure website at

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