Our Mission:

Ten Percent Firearms is committed to providing Western Kern County and all of California with all of their firearms needs, at a reasonable price. We are committed to providing the best customer service possible while providing quality firearms and accessories that you won’t have to buy twice. Part of our mission is to make buying a gun fun and easy again with no tricks, gimmicks, or outrageous $20 gun locks! Most of our items are competitively priced, especially when you consider the level of customer service we provide. When you shop with us, you should shop with confidence because you know we are going to make things right.

Need A Quote?

Ten Percent Firearms was originally started as a hobby type business, but has quickly grown into a fully operational gun shop. Part of running a gun shop is the overhead and expense that goes along with it. As a result we have had to abandon our original mantra of “ten percent over cost”.
What we haven’t abandonded is being a customer service orientated, local gun shop dedicated to saving you money. Although we might not just charge ten percent over cost anymore, we still strive to keep our costs lower than some of our local competitors. We still believe that if you can find the firearm you are looking for cheaper somewhere else, then go buy it there.

If you want a quote on a firearm, please contact us at 661 765-6899 or e-mail us at guns@tenpercentfirearms.com.

Product Availability

If an item is listed as “add this to my cart”, then it is in stock ready for pick up or for shipping. We try very hard to keep our website up-to-date so you do not have to e-mail or call us to ask if it really is in stock. We do not back order! We don’t sell it until we have it.

Our Customer Ratings

Service 90
Product Knowledge 95
Stock on Hand 85
Patience 75

Meet Our Team

Wesley Morris
Wesley MorrisPresident/Sales
Dean Rowden
Dean RowdenChief Financial Officer
Becky Sharp
Becky SharpSecretary/Sales